To offer our clients the best possible service & images, we only take on a limited amount of weddings per year. Although we are based out of Prince George, B.C. we absolutely love to travel and welcome destination weddings, weddings in B.C., Alberta, and other parts of Canada.


We also offer engagement portraits and couple's photography even if you are getting married elsewhere.

Or if you just want another chance to wear your dress again, we would be happy to create some beautiful images without the stress of the wedding day. These After-Wedding sessions also allow more time to gain access to locations you might not have been able to use during your wedding day.

To check our availability and get more information on our wedding packages, please use our contact form here - and be sure to ask about our special rates if you are eloping or having a very small wedding.




Why choose Northern Pixel Photography for your wedding?


We are two professional experienced photographers who work as a team (not one photographer and one less-experienced second shooter). We both have the technical and creative skills to photograph your wedding beautifully & professionally. We work seamlessly as a team, and know where each other will be to get the best images and coverage throughout the day. We use professional full-frame Canon cameras, L-series 'fast' lenses and have duplicate backup equipment, proper business licences, contracts, and insurance. We have a lot of experience in low-light situations like dark churches and reception halls. Every image we deliver is fully color-corrected and lightly retouched.  


Our posing expertise: We help ensure you look your best by using a combination of flattering poses, lenses, angles that reflect your personalities and the theme of your weddingMany people think they are not photogenic - but a great photographer who knows what they are doing makes all the difference. We excel at making you comfortable in front of the camera, and before long you won't even notice we are there. If you look at our portfolio you will see images of natural, comfortable photos that capture true emotion and relationships. 


The Custom Photography Experience: Every couple and every wedding is different- which is one of the things we love most about wedding photography. We do a great deal of preparation ahead of time to customize our service to your wedding, while still producing emotive, well-composed, and beautiful images. For example, if you were having a 20's inspired wedding, we would plan locations, poses, and lighting to give a 20's vibe to the newlywed portrait images, while still keeping within a timeless & classic style. If you like a more vintage style of editing, Shauna can do that as well. 


We are a bit different than traditional wedding photographers: While we capture the day's events, emotions, and required family formals, we place an emphasis on the newlywed portrait portion of the day- this is where we excel and the best time to produce those creative & stunning images that you will want printed for your wall, or to feature in your fine art wedding album. This is also a great time for you & your love to spend some time together to enjoy each other & the moment. 


We have worked hard to develop the skills & expertise required for all of the many photography types needed to expertly cover a wedding: 

- photojournalistic (capturing unplanned moments & anticipating them before they happen)

- portrait photography (capturing the true essence of you, your relationship, in flattering lighting and poses, with some light retouching, and using the proper portrait lenses - i.e. no wide angle lenses to make you appear larger than you are)  

- detail/macro photography (capturing the tiny details you spent so much time creating in order to personalize your day, in a way that looks like they are from a bridal magazine)

- landscape photography (to capture the beauty of the setting & location you chose for your wedding celebration)

- environmental portraiture (photos of you in the beautiful scenery you chose for your wedding, these are the images you will want to blow up big on your wall, or have on a two-page spread in your wedding album)

- party/event photography (action photos of guests dancing, having fun, and being crazy!)

- family portraits (being able to get family portraits done quickly, efficiently, and have everyone looking at the camera and looking great!)

- sports photography (while you may not have sports at your wedding (though some do!) – we know how to capture fast moving subjects like children running/playing, and people coming down the aisle, even in low-light)

- fashion photography (this skill is useful when taking magazine type bridal images, capturing the dress & details, and for some of the more creative editorial couple poses)


When you book with us, you also gain access to our expertise in wedding timeline planning, lighting, designing the flow of the day, and tips to maximize the potential for amazing images. During the entire wedding process we are willing to help out wherever possible & we care about getting you the best images possible while still remaining unobtrusive during the ceremony & important events. The day is about you & your fiance, and your family & friends. We work together with you throughout the process to help things run as smoothly as possible throughout the entire wedding day.


If you'd like more information on our Wedding Packages, please fill out a Contact Form with some details of your wedding day, and we will send you the detailed information.